Multimedia tools and resources can help patients learn more about a cancer diagnosis, treatment regimens, procedures, and follow-up care, among other important topics, and many institutions and organizations have jumped onto the bandwagon to create those resources for their patients. A new video series on gynecologic cancers from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) adds another patient education resource to oncology nurses’ toolbox.

According to CDC, the Inside Knowledge About Gynecologic Cancer campaign raises awareness of the five main types of gynecologic cancer: cervical, ovarian, uterine, vaginal, and vulvar. Some of its resources include public service announcements, print materials, and videos to share online, including the web series “Under the Paper Gown,” which breaks down barriers for women who may feel embarrassed to speak to providers about potential health issues.

The campaign aims to encourage women of all ages, races, and ethnic groups to pay attention to their bodies and know what is normal for them as an individual. By working in consultation with gynecologic cancer experts and survivors, the campaign provides creative approaches and strategies to ensure patients know the risk of these cancers and their associated warning signs.

Oncology nurses can provide patients with evidence-based recommendations for gynecologic cancer tests and screening options, prevention, and survivorship, and learn more about the disease site with ONS resources.