You and your colleagues innovate every day—providing individual patient cases, developing best practices, and collaborating on other shared experiences. ONS Voice articles and its new video series, My Practice, can help you disseminate your expertise and guidance to other oncology nurses. Tell us your topic ideas, and ONS Publications staff will help you either write an article or create a video resource illustrating your experience.  

If your topic fits for My Practice, we’ll ask you to record a short video about it. You can approach the video as you see fit: role playing, narrating, etc. The ONS team will help you develop your script and edit the final product. Some topics you may want to talk about include:  

  • How did you decrease the amount of waste your unit creates?  
  • How do you achieve efficiency in your day?  
  • What screening tools or assessment questions always help you identify particularly important patient information?  
  • How do you set up telephone triage?  
  • How do you find and interpret biomarker test results?  
  • What is your clinic’s workflow? 

Email to get started.