In her first report as National Cancer Institute (NCI) director, Monica M. Bertagnolli, MD, laid out her eight core principles to guide the agency’s work in reformulating clinical trials and strengthening cancer research during the Clinical Trials Advisory Committee meeting in November 2022.

Bertagnolli specifically identified the need to:

  • Modernize clinical trials
  • Diversify NCI leadership
  • Ensure equitable delivery of evidence-based cancer prevention and treatment
  • Increase data collection and use
  • Increase diversity in the cancer research and care workforce
  • Strengthen NCI and clinical trials groups partnerships
  • Expand data sharing
  • Support clinical researchers

“I see NCI as supporting the best people in research and making it possible for them to do this research through the resources that can be provided,” Bertagnolli said. “And it’s absolutely essential that we engage the brightest minds with the biggest hearts. Because basically, as you all know, ending cancer is a human endeavor as well as a scientific endeavor.”

Bertagnolli became the first woman NCI director after her appointment by President Joe Biden in August 2022. She formally began work as the agency’s 16th director in October 2022.