I recently read the book Service Fanatics by Jame Merlino, MD, Chief Experience Officer (CXO) at Cleveland Clinic. Merlino’s role focuses on “putting patients at the center of everything we do.” This concept isn’t new to oncology nurses. I daresay the people we care for are always our focus. Their vulnerability reminds us of our own, and we feel it's a privilege to be part of their journey. 

Less than 10 years ago I knew nothing of the oncology culture, but what I did know was I wanted to make a meaningful difference every day I went to work. More than any of my previous nursing roles, oncology has given me more opportunities to make that sort of difference. 

Every human being wants to feel significant. Significance answers part of the question, “Why am I here and what is my purpose?” Being part of the oncology culture places us in a web of significance. When we take the extra time to make our patients feel significant, honored, and heard, we make more of a difference than we know.