The answer is C: Two chemotherapy-competent RNs must be in the infusion area at all times when chemotherapy is infusing.  

Although two individuals deemed by the healthcare setting to prepare or administer chemotherapy must be present for verification and double-checks prior to administration, the standards do not require specific staffing of nurses during the chemotherapy infusion itself.  

Option A is a standard, because sequencing must be included on the chemotherapy orders as well as on the label for the prepared chemotherapy drug. 

Option B is also one of the standards. Licensed, independent practitioners, must be available on-site, and it is up to each institution to determine who would be considered an independent practitioner and may depend on the state’s scope of practice.  

Option D is a standard, because it helps meet the criteria to verify patient identification in the presence of the patient by using at least two identifiers. 

For more information, review the 2016 American Society of Clinical Oncology/ONS Chemotherapy Administration Safety Standards