During its February 19–22, 2020, quarterly in-person meeting, the ONS Board of Directors established its 2020 health policy agenda, evaluated the Society’s member satisfaction, and collaborated with the Leadership Development Committee for a joint education session, among many other discussions and work. 

Health Policy Agenda      

ONS’s health policy agenda is reviewed and updated with each session of Congress based on legislative and regulatory needs affecting cancer care and the oncology nursing profession. The Board approved the ONS Legislative and Regulatory Health Policy Agenda for the 116th Congress, 2nd Session, which incorporates priorities from the ONS research agenda, especially in the area of health disparities and equity.  

Member Survey  

A total of 1,812 members (5%) responded to the 2019 member satisfaction survey, which was sent to all members from January 27–February 7, 2020. This an increase of 700 responses compared to 2018. Most significantly, 94% of respondents are satisfied with ONS, which rose 2% from 2018. Members identified the top three most important benefits, products, and services as: 

  • Access to clinical, evidence-based practice information 
  • Access to discounted or free nursing continuing professional development programs 
  • Member discounts on certification through the Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation 

Joint Education Session  

The ONS Board and Leadership Development Committee participated in a joint educational session facilitated by Mark Engle, Association Management Center principal, on the topic of governance.   

For more information on the discussions and decisions made during the February 2020 Board meeting, refer to the minutes at ons.org/board-minutes.