Does hearing a certain song suddenly energize you or make the day seem brighter? There’s a reason for that. Music can have a powerful effect on our well-being and is a tool nurses can use to help take care of their mental health.

What the Research Tells Us

Music is an evidence-based intervention for reducing stress and fatigue in patients with cancer. It’s also been shown to enhance immune function and reduce anxiety. Music’s many clinical benefits are no secret, but nurses also deserve to reap its rewards.

How to Practice

Simply listening to music reduces stress and promotes relaxation in your daily life, and if you needed an excuse to celebrate self-love this month, ONS has you covered. We’ve built a Spotify playlist to celebrate oncology nurses that leans into timeless artists like Etta James and explores newer sounds like what Surfaces has to offer.

The songs are the perfect addition to your wellness routine, whether that means going on a run, dancing like no one’s watching, or smiling through your evening commute. Each track is safe for work and children, so share it with your colleagues to create a positive work environment or listen at home to unwind after a difficult shift.

Although music doesn’t take the burdens away, it can help alleviate emotional and physical tension. This playlist was curated to make you smile and remind you to slow down, jam out, and feel empowered.

Self-Love Playlist

Editor’s note: If you or your colleagues consistently feel anxious, depressed, or overwhelmed, get support from a mental health professional. The Heroes Health Initiative has an array of coping and counseling services for healthcare workers and first responders. Remember, you are never alone.