To ensure that the ONS Board of Directors is functioning efficiently and to the best of its ability to serve the ONS membership, some meetings must be generative rather than decisional. The Board held one such meeting on October 20, 2020, where it focused on developing processes, structures, and measurement plans in preparation for the future. Some key highlights of that work follow.

Governance Review        

The ONS Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility of appointing members to the Leadership Development Committee and Oncology Nursing Foundation Board of Trustees. The ONS Board reviewed the appointment process for each group and will bring names for consideration to a future meeting. 

Meeting Evaluations 

The Board developed and implemented a meeting evaluation process to gauge how meetings are conducted and identify potential opportunities for improvement. It tested the process during the October meeting and will use it regularly as an evaluation tool during the in-depth quarterly meetings.

Looking Ahead

The November ONS Board of Directors meeting is one of the in-depth quarterly meetings, where the Board will approve the 2021 budget and hold a joint board session with all three enterprise boards. During its October meeting, the Board laid the groundwork for the next meeting in preparation for that work.

For more information on the discussions from the October 2020 ONS Board of Directors meeting, read the full minutes.