During its April 28, 2020, conference call, the ONS Board of Directors collaborated with the Leadership Development Committee (LDC) to create a virtual recruitment process for candidates in the 2021 election.

ONS Election Recruitment

To facilitate recruitment work, the LDC gathered feedback on key considerations and skills required in candidates for the 2021 ONS Board election. Several ONS members have expressed interest in running for a position in the 2021 election, but because of the COVID-19 stay-at-home recommendations, the LDC developed a virtual recruitment plan. In addition, it extended the notification of intent deadline to June 30, 2020.

The plan involves using webinars to connect with a curated list of potential leaders, and general leader development content will be presented with a live Q&A in early June. The LDC will also hold small virtual meeting with high-potential individuals to discuss the process for slating, election, and serving on the Board. 

Finally, the LDC will offer leadership information and resources to young leaders beginning in July.

Chapter Charters

Annually, ONS chapters are required to meet the criteria outlined in the Chapter Policy Manual to remain eligible for charter renewal. Prior to disbanding, chapters receive support from ONS staff to meet the renewal requirements. For 2020, 212 of the 215 ONS chapters met the annual chapter chartering criteria.

Congress Registration Fees

Based on an analysis of 12 comparable conferences, the registration fees for ONS Congress are slightly below the national average. However, given the current state of conferences, health care, and the economy, the Board approved not increasing Congress registration fees for 2021.

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