Most people are versed in the flu, measles, and chicken pox vaccines, but fewer know the importance of the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine. HPV can cause six different cancers, but early vaccination in younger individuals helps prevent those cancers later in life.

Representatives Kathy Castor (D-FL), Julia Letlow (R-LA), and Kim Schrier, MD (D-WA), reintroduced the bipartisan Promoting Resources to Expand Vaccinations, Education, and New Treatments for HPV Cancer Act (PREVENT HPV Cancer Act) in late May 2023. The legislation would raise awareness about HPV and HPV-related cancers through a campaign to educate stakeholders about the HPV vaccine as well as fund resources for cervical cancer screening and diagnostic services.

“As a parent and pediatrician, I want to keep my child and my patients safe and healthy. My son has gotten his HPV vaccines, as have my patients, and I know that the most important factor in whether a parent chooses to immunize their child is a conversation with their healthcare provider,” Schrier, a physician, said. “Immunizations are one of the greatest public health tools we have, and they work best when there is widespread use. That’s why I’m excited about this bill. It will help spread awareness so that more people get this cancer-preventing vaccine. I am proud to support this effort alongside Representative Castor.”

ONS was one of the organizations that formally supported the bill.