ONS looks to nurse educators and thanks them for the great service they provide members and nurses around the world. ONS facilitators teach courses that provide incredible learning opportunities to oncology nurses looking to raise the level of care they provide to patients with cancer. 

ONS offers many educational resources to oncology nurses, preparing them for any contingency or unexpected event as they care for patients with cancer. In particular, the Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certificate Course is one of the most popular, most recognized courses offered in chemotherapy administration.

“The usual comment I get from nurses is that they found the course very comprehensive and were well prepared to move forward to administer chemotherapy,” said ONS member and Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certificate Course facilitator Mary Visceglia, RN. 

By offering a comprehensive program that provides nurses with the skills they need, ONS is actively preparing future nurses to meet the needs and standards of cancer centers around the country. “The detail you get in this course is unlike any other resource! I think the content on biotherapy is what impressed me when I took the class for the first time,” Viceglia said. “I personally like the posts, not just because I am a facilitator, but because it really engages the students to want to share amongst peers.”The Chemotherapy Biotherapy Certificate Course has been setting the standard for oncology administration training for years. “This course is recognized by very well established facilities and cancer centers as THE chemotherapy class you need to take. It’s recognized for its high quality and integrity. I remember as a travel nurse when asked if I was chemo certified, what they meant was if you were ONS chemo certified—nothing else was accepted,” Visceglia said.

ONS salutes nurse educators for the great work they do as they equip healthcare professionals with the important tools they need to provide high quality care.