Which of the Following Patient Types Is Not Indicated for Lung Cancer Screening With Low-Dose Helical Computed Tomography?

June 14, 2018

The Answer

The answer is C. Have a 10–20 year-pack history.  

Lung cancer screening with LDCT is recommended for current or former smokers who have quit in the past 15 years, who are aged 55–74 years old, have a greater than or equal to a 30 pack-year smoking history, and are otherwise in reasonably good health.  

Refer to the National Comprehensive Cancer Network Lung Cancer Screening Guidelines (https://www.nccn.org/professionals/physician_gls/default.aspx) and the June 2013 Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing article, “The Case for Lung Cancer Screening: What Nurses Need to Know (https://cjon.ons.org/cjon/20/3/case-lung-cancer-screening-what-nurses-need-know),” for more information.  

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