ONS Leaders Named to Biden Cancer Initiative Board and Advisory Committee

February 27, 2018 by Chris Pirschel ONS Staff Writer/Producer

ONS President Susan Schneider, PhD, RN, AOCN®, FAAN (https://voice.ons.org/author/susan-m-schneider), was appointed to the Biden Cancer Initiative (https://bidencancer.org/#leadership) board of directors, among other experts in health care, business, finance, and technology. The Cancer Initiative also named ONS Chief Executive Officer Brenda Nevidjon MSN, RN, FAAN (https://voice.ons.org/author/brenda-nevidjon), to its advisory committee, comprised of 25 other experts aiming to transform the way cancer is detected, diagnosed, and treated by implementing new solutions to complex healthcare problems. 

“Improving healthcare delivery systems, care coordination, and enhancing the patient experience are key ways to advance cancer care,” Schneider says. “As the only nurse on the Biden Cancer Initiative Board of Directors, I will share my nursing expertise in symptom management and advanced practice nursing to accelerate progress in cancer care. I’ll continue to use my experience as an ONS leader to advocate for quality cancer care for all patients.”

The Biden Cancer Initiative—builds on former vice president Joe Biden’s work on the National Cancer Moonshot Initiative (https://voice.ons.org/topic/cancer-moonshot)—is bringing together experts from all fields of business, research, patient care, technology, finance management, patient experience and engagement, and public policy to further the goal of making exponential strides in cancer research and treatment development.

“Every single day, oncology nurses lead by example. They provide exceptional, expert care; participate in and drive research; and most importantly, give patients and their families reasons to hope and persevere against many odds,” Greg Simon, President, Biden Cancer Initiative says. “We know that the perspectives and expertise we will be getting from Dr. Schneider and Ms. Nevidjon will make a meaningful difference in the work of the Initiative.”

As part of the advisory committee, Nevidjon will serve alongside other healthcare providers and medical professionals to address challenges facing implementation and transforming existing systems. The group aims to uncover ways to standardize cancer care, data sharing, clinical trials, and patient navigation. Representing the voice of oncology nursing is crucial to maintain patient-centered focus and address issues with symptom management and care coordination.

"It's an honor to see the Biden Cancer Initiative recognizing how important the voices of oncology nurses are," Nevidjon says. "Sue Schneider's appointment to the board of directors will provide her with the opportunity to advocate for nursing and patient-centered care as we work together to find new cures. As part of the Advisory Committee, I'm proud to represent oncology nursing. The Biden Cancer Initiative is bringing people together to find new solutions to existing problems in cancer care. Together, we can make great change."

For more news and information about the Biden Cancer Initiative’s goals and future plans, visit BidenCancer.org (https://bidencancer.org).

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