Board of Directors Sets Goals for 2017–2018

August 02, 2017

By Eva Gallagher, PhD, RN, ANP-BC, CPHQ, CMPP, Director-at-Large

Each June, the ONS Board finalizes its goals for the remainder of the year through the middle of following year. The process is collaborative, and ideas are gathered from each board member. Our hope is that the goals we work toward during the upcoming year will make us an effective, strategic, and nimble board for our members.

Developing Board Members’ Strengths

One of the goals we discussed during the June board conference call focused on continued board development in key areas, including how to best maintain a presence on social media, how to best invest ONS funds to ensure a secure future for the organization, and hot topics in healthcare policy. The board will undergo further training and development in these areas.

Ensuring Visibility and Transparency

The other goal we discussed was maximizing board visibility and transparency. We asked how we should best make our membership aware of topics we are discussing and projects we are working on, allow members to ask questions and provide input, and then close the loop with follow-up information. We looked into how to do this with other key nursing and non-nursing organizations as well.

Brainstorming with the board on the June conference call provided an opportunity to have a strategic and tactical discussion about our hopes and desires, what we plan to accomplish over the next year, and the tools and training needed to reach those goals. We are energized to work hard on behalf of the ONS membership during the year to come.

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