Educational Integrity Is an ONS and ONCC Priority, Evident in Revised Policy

July 22, 2019

Leadership, integrity, inclusion, and diversity were common threads in several discussions during the ONS Board of Directors’ conference call on May 21, 2019. In addition to finalizing plans for their participation in the Leadership Think Tank, held July 22–23, 2019, the Board made the following decisions and approvals. 

Educational Integrity 

ONS and the Board of Directors are serious about integrity and regularly monitor the ONS/Oncology Nursing Certification Corporation (ONCC) educational integrity policy. Earlier in 2019, ONS and ONCC updated the policy to address the collaboration on programs for a certificate for added qualification, as well as the violations and appeals process. The Board approved the updates (the ONCC Board approved them on March 29, 2019).

ONS Business Meeting

To increase attendance at the ONS business meeting in 2020, the Board discussed ideas such as offering dessert, advertising that the meeting is open to all members, and making the environment more inviting. The Board also considered roundtable discussions instead of the best practice exchange and may merge the two sessions.    

Board Diversity 

Finally, the Board discussed an article about diversity and inclusion (D&I) on association boards published in Associations Now. It shared how D&I benefits boards by making them smarter, more empathetic, and more collaborative. A board becomes more intentional about working for the membership, and it values limitations and mistakes as opportunities to grow. 

For more information about the May Board meeting, refer to the minutes at 

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