The ONS budgeting cycle is not unlike what occurs annually at each of our healthcare settings.

ONS staff and senior leadership work to develop a budget each year, which is reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. The budget is monitored throughout the year, year-end results are presented to the Board, and an annual report is provided to the membership during the business meeting held at ONS Congress. The Board also works with staff and senior leadership to tie the budget to our mission and vision, while reviewing our membership feedback on what they feel is valuable, or could benefit their membership experience.

The Value of Membership

The ONS website has a wealth of information for members. Check out the Member Center, and select Member Benefits. You’ll see key highlights of what the organization provides, including the following.

Also, check out the Practice Resource area on the website for Putting Evidence into Practice, which provides updated evidence-based guidelines to assist with symptom management for patients with cancer. Finally, the Continuing Nursing Education section contains information on numerous courses at reduced rates for members to enhance oncology nursing knowledge and professional growth. Information is also provided on grant and scholarship opportunities for ONS Congress and oncology nursing research.

ONS as an Organization

Exciting changes are occurring at the ONS national office, designed to be responsive to member feedback and to further enhance the effectiveness of the organization. Efforts in the upcoming year will focus on the implementation of a new membership information system approved during the previous budget cycle. The system is designed to link the various departments in the organization and provide data that will be useful in helping meet member needs.