Since the announcement of the National Cancer Moonshot, there have been great ideas abound.

But how do you get them to the right people who can best direct federal funding for cancer research? The National Cancer Institute (NCI) has helped streamline the process by creating a new online platform for submitting ideas to the Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP). 

Suggestions and ideas can be directly submitted on many categories.

  • Cancer clinical trials
  • Data sharing
  • Dissemination and population sciences
  • Immunotherapy, combination therapy, and immunoprevention
  • Pediatric cancer
  • Tumor evolution and progression
  • Other exceptional opportunities 

“The goal of the Moonshot Initiative is to accelerate progress in the fight against cancer by swiftly advancing knowledge from cutting-edge basic research to new prevention and treatment strategies for patients,” NCI Acting Director Douglas Lowy, M.D. said. “The community involvement that the initiative garners will allow us to consider novel, creative ideas that might not otherwise have come to NCI’s attention.”

All submitted proposals will be reviewed by working groups on the BRP and recommendations will be publicized in a few months at the National Cancer Advisory Board. ONS encourages its members to submit their ideas to inform and drive the direction of the National Cancer Moonshot.