ONS has committed to creating and fostering a culture of safety in oncology nursing, and we know our members are doing amazing work to keep themselves and their patients safe in practices throughout the country. Now, we want to hear your stories. 

The 2016 Chapter Challenge contest encourages chapters across the country to engage in the safety discussion. By making safety a priority in your chapter meetings—and by sharing the ways your efforts have made the workplace safer—chapters can win amazing prizes for members. 

To enter into the 2016 Chapter Challenge, follow these three simple steps.

  1. Add a brief safety discussion to each chapter meeting agenda.
  2. Discuss best practices and ways to improve safety in the workplace.
  3. Share your safety experiences with colleagues at ONS.

If your chapter participates in the challenge for three months or more and adds its safety experiences to this survey, your chapter will be in the running to win one of these prizes for a chapter member.

  • One-year ONS membership
  • One-year ONS Educator Resource Center (ERC) membership
  • One-year inPractice Membership

Ways to Incorporate Safety Into Your Chapter Meetings

Safe practices and oncology nursing go hand-in-hand, but it might be difficult to spark that conversation. Here are a few ways your chapter can incorporate safety into its regular meetings.

  • Add safety discussions topics to your chapter meeting agenda.
  • Add a safety feature in your newsletter, on the virtual community, or in any chapter communications.
  • Conduct roundtable discussions on safety issues faced in practice.
  • Share educational resources for safety topics.
  • Assign a safety ambassador to communicate safety topics throughout the year.
  • Take to social media using the hashtag #SpotlightOnSafety.
  • Hold a journal club to discuss safety topics addressed in ONS articles and publications.
  • Challenge your chapter to create a unique safety project. 

Your Safety Story Is Important 

Engaging in the culture of safety discussion is easy. You can tell us your safety story through a simple survey that will enter your chapter into the running for prizes. Is your chapter interested in creating a safety project? No problem. You can share that experience through the ONS survey as well.

Not only will your chapter be in the running for three great prizes, but ONS could pick your safety story for publication or use in blog posts that could reach more than 39,000 fellow oncology nurse members. The efforts of your chapter to create a safer workplace may inspire others to follow your lead.