When the new state-based health insurance marketplaces open on October 1, 2013, as part of the Affordable Care Act, choice of insurance will be added to the long list of difficult decisions patients with cancer will face during their diagnosis and treatment. However, the new Cancer Insurance Checklist launched today will help guide patients in selecting the best insurance plan for them. 

The Cancer Insurance Checklist was developed by a partnership of 19 cancer and patient advocacy programs, including ONS. It guides consumers through the coverage within each insurance plan they are considering, including 

  • Services provided by their healthcare team
  • Where care is delivered
  • Medications and various common cancer treatments 
  • Services they may need. 

The checklist also provides a worksheet to help consumers detail the costs associated with each plan. It is designed to be used while evaluating insurance plans but also when discussing them with a navigator or healthcare provider.

People with cancer concerns can download and print the Cancer Insurance Checklist free of charge. There, they will also find a comprehensive list of additional resources, including a full glossary of terms relevant to insurance coverage decisions.