As the national presidential election approaches, a number of states will emerge as battleground states, in which the Democratic and Republican nominees for president have similar levels of support among voters. As follows, the winner of these states will win the election, making each vote extremely important.

However, when you step into the voting booth this November, you will also be asked to determine the outcome of several other races; the results of those races can have a significant and direct impact on your local government.

In fact, in many congressional, state, and local races, the margin of victory is by a single vote. Moreover, these races are decided by the popular or majority vote, not the electoral college, which is reserved only for the presidential election. Newly elected officials have a big effect on the legislation that’s passed in your county, city, and state.

So just remember, the upcoming election isn’t just to determine the next president. Local and state policymakers can make a huge difference when it comes to how you and your practice operate. Be sure to get out and vote on November 8.

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