“Elevate Your Passion. Advance Our Profession.” It’s more than just a tagline for ONS’s 42nd annual Congress at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, CO.

If you’re making the trip to the Mile High City this May to attend the most comprehensive oncology nursing conference in the country, you’ll quickly discover that your four-day stay will be packed with learning, networking, and patient resources to energize and advance your outlook of the oncology nursing profession. While you’re there, be sure to check out the ONS store, where you’ll find plenty of new publications to build on the knowledge you’ve gained.

Elevate your passion and advance our profession with these upcoming book offerings that instruct and inspire from ONS. Better yet, do it at a special 15% Congress attendee discount.

Palliative Care book for ONS
  • Integration of Palliative Care in Chronic Conditions: An Interdisciplinary Approach explores the evolution of palliative care from a focus on end-of-life care to a more holistic approach on managing symptoms and improving quality of life. This text details the care and management of multiple chronic conditions and emphasizes the roles self-care, spiritual and religious support, compassion, goal setting, education, preparation, and communication play in all areas of the palliative care realm.
  • Navigation is widely acknowledged as an essential component in the oncology care continuum and an integral part of the patient experience. In the upcoming Oncology Nurse Navigation Case Studies, readers will discover 22 patient-centric scenarios that delineate the expanding scope of oncology nursing across specialties, the implementation of successful navigation programs throughout the country, and the power of collaborative efforts between oncology nurse navigators and lay navigators.
  • For decades,venous access devices have been used to deliver complex and diverse treatments to patients with cancer. IV therapy is an integral part of modern medicine and nursing, as it is practiced in every healthcare setting, from the hospital to the home. Access Device Standards of Practice delves into the essential uses of these evolving devices and provides standards for competent and safe care for both patient and provider to help decrease accidental exposures and catheter malposition.
  • How do we talk to patients about weight issues, especially when, you know, we might be carrying a few extra pounds ourselves? This issue is just one of many discussed in award-winning author Anne Katz’s, RN, PhD, upcoming book A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Cancer and Obesity. In this publication, Katz reviews the seemingly constant evidence that links obesity’s role to the development of certain cancers and to recurrence in others and discusses vital techniques and strategies for healthcare providers to use when discussing the tough topic of obesity with patients.

[Oncology Nurse Navigation Case Studies] will be of great value to institutions seeking to implement and improve their efforts in patient navigation and to healthcare workers in helping patients overcome barriers to quality cancer care.

Steven R. Patierno, PhD, Duke Cancer Institute

The ONS store also will be selling logo magnets, license plate frames, mugs, visors, and more to benefit the ONS Foundation.

With so many options, you should have no problem finding what you need at the ONS store, located in the Learning Hall. Learn more about Congress at congress.ons.org, and register now to save more than $100 with early-bird pricing!